Celebrating Interpreter Appreciation Day: A Focus on People

This week, Heritage Interpreting is excited to celebrate National Interpreter Appreciation Day by recognizing the dedication, passion, and hard work of our interpreting staff. In alignment with our mission to prioritize people, build authentic relationships, and exceed expectations, we want to share the personal stories of our interpreters, who play a crucial role in empowering the Deaf community and bridging communication gaps. As we embark on this celebration, we invite you to get to know our interpreters and their unique experiences through their own words.

The Stories Behind Our Interpreters

Natalie, a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), shares her appreciation for interpreters who have been part of her family’s life since her childhood. She emphasizes the importance of respecting the independence, dignity, and personhood of Deaf consumers and is proud to contribute to the interpreting field.

Gloria’s story highlights the importance of her upbringing in shaping her identity as an interpreter. Her exposure to diverse languages and cultures from a young age inspired her to pursue a career in interpreting. Gloria emphasizes the value of her fellow interpreters, who have provided her with support, encouragement, and opportunities to grow as a professional.

Will’s journey as an interpreter has taught him the significance of trust, understanding, and rapport in facilitating relationships between individuals with different language and cultural backgrounds. His passion for sports has often served as a common ground for establishing connections with others.

Farrah’s story reveals the profound influence her elementary school interpreter had on her educational experience. This interpreter’s dedication to Farrah’s education and understanding exemplifies the impact interpreters can have on the lives of Deaf individuals.

John, also a CODA, acknowledges the interpreters who served the Deaf community before and after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He is committed to maintaining the spirit of the interpreting profession by ensuring Heritage Interpreting provides quality services to everyone.

Kyle expresses his admiration for the dedication and hard work of his fellow interpreters. He acknowledges the challenging and emotionally demanding nature of the profession and is grateful for the support and guidance he has received from other interpreters.

Nikki’s account demonstrates the impact a skilled and compassionate interpreter can have on a person’s life. Her interpreter’s professionalism and caring nature played a pivotal role in helping her navigate a challenging situation, eventually leading to a lifelong friendship.

Ty appreciates the unique strengths and abilities each interpreter brings to their work. He is grateful for the interpreters who have laid the foundation for the profession and is eager to continue learning and growing alongside his colleagues.

In celebrating Interpreter Apprecation Day, Heritage Interpreting highlights the personal stories and experiences of our interpreters, showcasing their dedication, passion, and impact on the lives of the Deaf community. As we strive to uphold our mission and vision, we remain committed to empowering the Deaf community, supporting interpreters, and serving organizations by providing exceptional language services. Through continuous improvement and a people-centric approach, Heritage Interpreting aims to create a lasting legacy of excellence, trust, and peace of mind for all.

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