Maximizing the ASL Interpreting Experience: Pre-booking and Onsite Preparations

At Heritage Interpreting, we believe in the power of preparation. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” When it comes to ASL interpreting, this wisdom holds true. Here, we will explore the two crucial phases of preparation: pre-booking and onsite preparation.

Pre-booking Preparation for ASL Interpreting

When seeking an ASL interpreter, providing comprehensive details about your requirements is essential. This allows us to align the best-suited interpreter with your needs, ensuring a positive, effective interpreting experience.

What information should you prepare for a successful ASL interpreting booking?

  • Proposed date(s) and time(s) for the ASL interpreter
  • Location details (including building address and room number)
  • Event context and schedule (vital for understanding the interpreting task)
  • Multiple onsite contact points
  • Details about the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing individuals attending
  • Expected participant count
  • Logistical specifics (such as parking, nearby transport, dining options, etc.)
  • Any materials or media to be used during the event
  • The desired outcome for attendees

By taking the time to provide these details, you increase the chances of securing the perfect ASL interpreter for your event and achieving your desired outcome.

Onsite Preparation for Your ASL Interpreter

An ASL interpreter’s performance can be influenced by the ease of access and operation within an event. To ensure a seamless interpreting experience, consider these tips for onsite preparation:

  • Make sure your listed contact points are reachable and cooperative
  • Provide a summary of the event’s objectives
  • Review the event schedule with the interpreter
  • Provide printed copies of the agenda, reference documents, slides, etc
  • Introduce the interpreter to key personnel at the event
  • Be open to possible adjustments to the physical setup
  • Ensure the room is well-lit

Remember, if you’re unsure about what needs to be prepared, envision yourself as a newcomer to your location. What would you need to know to prevent delays or challenges?

The Ultimate Goal

At Heritage Interpreting, our mission aligns with yours: a positive outcome for everyone involved. This can be achieved through diligent preparation at the time of booking and thoughtful onsite preparations. By doing so, you create an environment where the ASL interpreter can provide their best work, and all parties benefit from a successful interpreting experience. It’s a win-win situation.

Remember, our commitment is to enhance the interpreting experience by prioritizing people, building authentic relationships, and exceeding expectations. We’re here to support you every step of the way in making your event accessible and inclusive through professional ASL interpreting.

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