About Us



We are committed to making the interpreting
experience better for everyone!


We ensure that access to effective communication is
available to everyone, everywhere, every time.


In addition to American Sign Language interpreters,
we also provide 240 spoken languages for video
remote interpreting and over the phone interpreting.


Even if the request has a short turnaround time or has
unique challenges such as foreign sign languages or
other specific needs, we can get it done!

We are Heritage Interpreting. Our team provides language access and focuses on giving our clients peace of mind. Respect, accountability, and integrity are guiding principles as our team focuses on making the interpreting experience better for everyone!

Client Satisfaction

Interpreters are assigned based on consumer preference, certification, and matching skill sets. This allows our clients to receive individualized service ensuring an equitable experience.

Raising Standards

We pride ourselves in providing quality interpreting services that exceed ADA compliance standards and meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Professional Conduct

All of our sign language interpreters adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s Code of Professional Conduct.

“Deaf and hard of hearing people deserve to have interpreters who know what they are doing and who do it well. A qualified interpreter is one who can, both receptively and expressively, interpret accurately, effectively, and impartially, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.” – The National Association of the Deaf

Honored to be stewards of language and culture.
John Lestina Jr

John Lestina Jr.

President & Founder

I am very grateful for the Deaf community. My parents are Deaf, and I am well aware of the challenges the community has with accessibility. I created Heritage Interpreting to develop innovative, standards-improving approaches to interpreting. Addressing age-old challenges facing the Deaf community. Although I am not Deaf, my mission is to make the world […]

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Cathleen McGillick

Administrative Coordinator

As a fellow interpreter, a Deaf community member, and having a Deaf husband, I truly understand the different facets that go into coordinating interpreters. I hold my role as an Administrative Coordinator with the utmost respect, honor, and privilege. There are constantly moving parts, wearing different hats, and being available. I believe in being human […]

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