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  • “Heritage Interpreting consistently provides culturally empowering interpreting services with high standards of professional excellence, transparency, ethics, and communication. John Lestina, Jr.’s steadfast commitment to support Heritage’s growth in trauma informed interpreting services to actualize meaningful linguistic access for Ohio’s Deaf Communities is commendable.”

    Stephanie Bowman, MSW, LISW

  • “Working with the folks at Heritage Interpreting has been a delight. Not only are the interpreters highly competent and easy to work with, but the administrators have been accommodating when we had last-minute schedule changes and needed to adapt. Each of these talented interpreters have become like family to us and have brought their own unique gifts to the overall worship experience on Sunday mornings.”

    Rev. April Blaine, Lead Pastor

    Hilliard United Methodist Church
  • “Services provided through Heritage have been professional, responsive, and flexible. I most appreciate that they are willing to work with us in a way that best meets our unique needs as an institution of higher education for both students and employees.”

    Carey Busch, ADA/504 Coordinator

    Ohio University