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Services We Provide

We take pride in our comprehensive language solutions, offering excellence and versatility to clients across diverse industries.

Sign Language Interpreting

Our qualified interpreters provide American Sign Language services for a variety of industries, available on-site, virtually, or on-demand to meet your unique needs. In addition to ASL, we also work with several foreign sign language interpreters.

Spoken Language Interpreting

With access to almost any spoken language, we offer on-site, virtual, and on-demand interpreting services, including over 240 languages available on-demand over the phone.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Access our on-demand interpreting services through a user-friendly cloud platform, compatible with any device via a browser, app, or phone. You can also manage on-site and virtual interpreting requests.


Our real-time speech-to-text captioning services ensure accessibility and clear communication for a diverse range of settings.

Media Accessibility Services

We offer customized solutions for media accessibility, including voice-overs, audio descriptions, ASL interpreting overlays, and more, to create inclusive and engaging experiences for all audiences.


Our professional translation services enable your organization to access new markets and strengthen relationships with customers, providing accurate and reliable translations tailored to your specific needs.

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Why Choose Heritage Interpreting?

When you choose Heritage Interpreting, you’re opting for a language service provider and a trusted partner committed to your success. Our clients benefit from our reliable services, delivered by well-qualified professionals who uphold the highest standards of expertise. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and communication, ensuring a seamless experience. Moreover, we believe in fostering authentic relationships and building trust, creating a solid foundation for long-lasting partnerships. With Heritage Interpreting, you can be confident that your language service needs are in the best hands.

Get in Touch for Personalized Assistance

Our operations team is incredibly responsive and eager to help with any questions about our services or support you may require. We ensure that all essential information is gathered to provide the appropriate language service. Contact us for a tailored solution to your language service needs.

Our Commitment to Communities

At Heritage Interpreting, we're passionate about making a difference in the lives of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and limited English-speaking communities. We are committed to ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and giving back to the communities we serve.

Our Locations

We provide high-quality language services across the United States and other countries, ensuring accessibility wherever it's needed. Our current, primary service areas include:

Many members of our operations team are Deaf.

Please note that calling our (800) number will connect you to an answering service that will route your call or take a message on our behalf.

Industries We Serve

Tailored Language Services for Diverse Sectors


Heritage Interpreting supports educational institutions, students, faculty, and families with reliable language services, enhancing communication and ensuring equal access to learning opportunities.


Heritage Interpreting caters to the medical sector by providing skilled interpreters, ensuring effective communication between patients and healthcare providers for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


We facilitate communication in government agencies, helping to bridge language gaps and promote inclusivity in public services, meetings, and events.


Our professional interpreters provide accurate and confidential language services for legal settings, ensuring clear communication and adherence to legal requirements in every case.


Heritage Interpreting helps businesses of all sizes communicate effectively across language barriers, fostering global partnerships and supporting seamless international operations.

Conferences & Events

Our professional interpreters and language services ensure that conferences and events are accessible to diverse audiences, enabling clear communication and engaging experiences for all attendees.

Human Resources

Heritage Interpreting supports HR departments with language services that promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensuring effective communication during recruitment, onboarding, training, and employee relations.

Social Services

We provide compassionate and reliable language services for social service agencies, facilitating communication between providers and clients to guarantee access to essential support and resources.

At Heritage Interpreting, we are committed to providing exceptional language services to clients from all walks of life. While our expertise spans a wide range of industries, we do not limit ourselves to these specific sectors. We welcome and embrace the opportunity to work with anyone seeking language services, adapting our approach to suit their unique requirements. Whether you represent an organization or an individual in need of professional language assistance, you can count on Heritage Interpreting to deliver the highest quality solutions tailored to your needs.

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