You now have access to interpreting anytime, anywhere!

You’ll never need to wait for an available interpreter again. Heritage Interpreting is able to connect you to an interpreter in just a matter of seconds, in more than 240 languages, using a mobile device, video, or over the phone.

Access to effective communication is essential to the success of your organization. As our country continues to grow in diversity, the linguistic needs of Americans is ever-expanding. Heritage Interpreting provides on-demand interpreting to meet all of your needs.

Heritage Interpreting On-Demand Video

When visual communication is essential, you can trust Heritage Interpreting’s On-Demand Video Interpreting. You will have access to over 40 languages, including American Sign Language.
Video Interpreters are accessible via smartphone, tablet, or in a browser window.

Heritage Interpreting On-Demand Over-the-Phone

You have access to effective communication for over 240 languages. Our interpreters are ready to connect with you and serve!
Over-the-Phone interpreters are accessible via any mobile device or traditional telephone.