You can rest assured knowing you are providing superior access to communication when you choose Heritage Interpreting. Let us show you how.

Interpret:  Translate orally, or into sign language, the words of a person speaking a different language.

Did you know that in the United States, more than 10 percent of the population needs interpreting services? There are 10 million Deaf or Hard of Hearing people, and an additional 25 million limited English speakers. Your organization has the opportunity to provide access to these individuals all while forging a reputation as an organization that serves people in their own languages.

Heritage Interpreting offers interpreting services On-Demand, OnSite, Video Remote, and Over the Phone.

Heritage Interpreting On-Demand


You now have access to interpreting anytime, anywhere! You’ll never need to wait for an available interpreter again. You are able to connect to an interpreter in just a matter of seconds in more than 240 languages using a mobile device, video, or over the phone.

Heritage Interpreting OnSite


Our highly skilled interpreters provide communication access between Deaf and Hard of Hearing users of sign language and users of spoken English. We make sure all parties are a part of the conversation. Ensuring inclusivity through empowerment.

Heritage Interpreting Video Remote (VRI)


As our world becomes more dependent on virtual technology, we have adapted as well.  Our interpreters are available through a number of third-party platforms to assist our clients’ ability to participate in the conversation digitally. Whether you need an interpreter on the screen or connect via audio, we ensure everyone can be heard.

Heritage Interpreting Over the Phone (OPI)


Heritage Interpreting’s qualified interpreters are available in over 240 spoken languages, over the phone. We can meet all of your interpreting needs!
It’s as easy as calling our OPI number, using your private PIN, and choosing a language! Once you’re connected to the interpreter, simply put the phone on speakerphone (or pass it back and forth). You can even use our OPI interpreters to make phone calls, as the interpreter can connect with a third party!