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Working with DeafBlind: What and Why?


February 12


01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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Heritage Interpreting

This workshop is for ASL interpreters that are interested in working with DeafBlind individuals, and learning how to best meet their needs.

Art Roehrig offers a perspective from the intersection of his lived experience as a DeafBlind individual and his various leadership roles in the Deaf and DeafBlind communities. The workshop will cover techniques on building rapport with the consumer prior to beginning your interpreting services to better accommodate their needs and provide the best possible access to all information during the interpreted interaction. Participants will walk through prompts designed to empower the Deaf Blind individual and elicit needed information for a successful interpretation. Possible variations due to differing backgrounds, experiences, and language preferences will be shared with guided practice in working with the consumer to pinpoint how you can best support their preferences. Offering .2 PPO CEUs.

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