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Navigating Interpreting in Emergency Department and Hospital Settings

.15 PS CEUs offered. Presented by Nikki Moran, hosted by Heritage Interpreting and OCRID. Workshop presented in ASL only.

Interpreting in a hospital setting throws the interpreter into the situation headfirst. Interpreters must register the environment, stakeholders, health concerns, cultural features and synthesize this information to successfully mediate communication – all in the first few moments upon entering the room. Stakes are high and the systems can be complex, overwhelming, or obscure. The interpreter must position themselves in a manner that allows for all pertinent medical information to be accessible, as well as navigating physical complications or atypical signing from the Deaf patient. Additionally, the interpreter must manage the perception of the healthcare professionals and toe the line of advocating and empowering the consumer to ensure that the care they receive is appropriate.

Nikki Moran guides interpreters in navigating the system. As an interpreting agency coordinator with years of healthcare coordination experience and firsthand knowledge through her own experiences as a Deaf woman, Nikki offers the solutions that work – for all stakeholders. Work through case studies from real-life scenarios and learn how you can be better prepared the next time you are on call.